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             Technical Brochures and Price List

Solartech Introduction

Our Prestigious Orders/ Customers/ Registrations and Banker's Detail

Solartech Power Plant Brochure

Solar Photovoltaic Systems Technical Brochure

Solar Photovoltaic Systems Technical Brochure (contd)

Solar Water Heating Systems Technical Brochure

Solar Hand Held Lantern, LED bulbs Prices

Solar Battery Chargers & Domestic Lighting Systems Prices

Solar Power Packs, UPS, Inverters, Solar Street Lights, Hand Held Search Light / Dragon Light Prices

Solar HHSL / Dragon Light (contd), Solar Hand Held Rechargeable and LED Torches, Solar Hand Held Metal Detector

Solar Door Frame Metal Detector, Solar Under Vehicle Mirror Trolly, Solar Guard watch Monitor, Solar IR Sensor & Solar Traffic Control Systems Prices

Solar Water Heating Systems & Distilled Water Plants Prices

Solar Cookers, Driers, SWEG & PV Wind Hybrid Systems Prices

Solar Pumps and Power Plants Prices, Solar Garden Light Prices and Terms & Conditions of Supply

DGS&D RC for Solar Lighting Systems

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